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Other services include:

  1. DUI assessments.
  2. Transgender assessment.
  3. MRT therapy (Moral Recognition).
  4. Victims of crime, (trauma).
  5. D OT, SAP  Evaluations.  (Return to work case management).



Louis Battistone M.A. LMFT # 45786, is a marriage and family therapist with certifications in chemical dependency and anger management. He has been providing therapy for over twenty-five years. 

David Franco , M.S., APCC # 5712, has extensive experience providing treatment to substance dependent individuals and counseling for young adults.


Drug Addiction

Th​e brain can't distinguish between illicit and prescription drugs, they become addicted to them equally. The legal system is similar, driving impaired while under the influence of prescription or illicit drugs is illegal. As for alcohol, nationwide, 70% of alcohol-related accidents are fatal! 

California: BAC .15+ is 69% (2017). With Uber and Lyft, there should be no reason to drive after drinking! 


A large proportion of individuals incarcerated have anger issues. Throw in drugs or alcohol and you have a "loose cannon"! There are situations where anger is a positive force as when you need to be assertive. However, if your anger results in frequent emotional and physical aggression, you're probably in need of anger management training.

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