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Family a​nd Individual Therapy
Common problematic issues in relationships include infidelity, poor communication, sexual frustration and finances. These are all issues that a couple can work on to improve the relationship.
Drug / Alcohol Treatment
Generally, recreational use of substances leads to addiction. Addiction affects the entire family, employment, mental and physical health. And what is becoming more common with opiates, overdosing and death!
Anger ​Management
Anger is not always a negative state, as it helps us to be more assertive and stand up for ourselves. It is when we become verbally and especially, physically aggressive , that it becomes a problem that requires an intervention.

Louis Battistone, LMFT, LAADC, CAMS II, SAP



Everyone at one time or another experiences negative issues in their lives. When these issues begin to interfere with an ability to enjoy the normal activities in life (family, work and relationships), it might be time to discuss these issues with a therapist. Especially if one is dependent on chemicals: (drugs and alcohol, or other addictive behaviors) in order to cope with problematic Issues .

It was like being in a dark room without lights. I was so depressed that I was unable to engage in or do anything. My family and others couldn't understand my anguish. I often thought about ending it all. I was "highly encouraged" to seek treatment by my family, if I didn't they were going to leave me. After a few sessions, the room brightened as though the shades were lifted. Eventually, the darkness subsided and I was able to resume my normal activities. Most importantly, maintain my relationship with my family!

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